Boxing Reflex Speed Punch Ball Sanda Boxer Training Head-mounted Boxing Speed Reaction Ball Gym Equipment

Description: 1. function: improve the hand-eye coordination ability of various sports such as boxing, mental concentration, and pinch hit accuracy 2. material: rubber ball + rubber rope + Lycra 3. colors: red; black 4. size: canvas headwear: 6.5*63cm (adjustable) 5. weight: ball: 22g 6. Applicable people: 6 to 88 years old 7. Scope: indoor; outdoor; office; entertainment and leisure, etc. 8. suitable for head circumference: 48~63cm Features: 1. training reaction ability, coordination, visual dynamic training response ability, precision of punching. Practice Muay Thai, Sanda, and boxing must. Portable design, wherever you go, you can train. 2.22g weight, beautiful appearance, softer to fight, suitable for girls and children 3. You don’t have to go to the gym, you have to save money and have time. You can exercise when you get home from work. You can also exercise at home when you are cold. There are no complicated equipment and venues. There is no fierce competition and opponents. 4.360 degree all-round vertical training, the latest boxing training equipment, the world boxing champion Lohchenko Kovalev and all the friends who love boxing must use training methods 5. upgrade metal ring buckle, more fixed, the button will not shake up and down 6. adjustable canvas head, adjustable head size, suitable for people with head circumference of 48~63cm How to wear: 1. cut short half of the rubber band first. 2. tie the rubber band to the headband 3. length is suitable for the length of the sphere from the head to the abdomen Training method: 1. Please strike down first, and the left stone hand alternates, don’t fall. If you feel that it is difficult, you can tap it first in the early stage. 2. Family familiar with the oblique down, gradually parallel to the ground to hit the bouncy ball 3. Fully call your own consciousness and attention during the training process. After you are proficient, you can take steps, dodge and dodge to train. Tips: It’s difficult to start training. It is recommended to wear boxing gloves. Product List: 1* imported elastic rope 1* rubber 1* no elastic rivet head wear 3* buckle

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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 7.0 × 5.0 × 10.0 cm

Black, Red

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Boxing speed ball


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